Payments, subscriptions, and stores for Godot and Construct 3 games.

Start selling from your website, browser game, or PC game. Build anywhere and monetize everywhere.

Easy to create stores – so you can focus on your game

Zalance Works With All Of These

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Simplify Game Payments

Traditional payment flow

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Payments with Zalance

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Why is Game Monetizion Hard?

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Solutions like Google Play are restrictive.

MNo cross-platform support (web, PC, mobile, and console) 

MExpensive! Charges up to 30% for subscription and in-app purchases.

MLimited payment options, especially in other countries.

Traditional payment providers are not built for games

MRequires building API integrations for each payment provider on every platform

MNo verification for active player subscriptions and accounts.

MLacks virtual currencies and bundles

old payment providers

How to simplify game payments

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Step 1

Setup your project.

Configure your project right from your dashboard. Create your catalog by adding your products, prices, and subscriptions.

Step 2

Import the SDK to your game

Download our engine SDK. This allows you to query products, prices, and starting making purchases. It’s Everything you need to get selling quickly, right out of the box.

Where do you I start with all this?

Take a look at our demo or example projects. Also, check out our quick start guide to get you up and running fast.

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Step 3

Analyze your game by revenue and cohort

Our dashboard provides feedback on sales and revenue. Track active users, cohort retention, payments, and growth over time.

Keep More Revenue in YOUR Inventory

guard iap and subscription revenue

Guard your profits from Apple and Google that take up to 30% of your in-app and subscription revenue. Now, you have an alternative payment system that works across platforms and your website.

Keep your hard-earned money where it belongs – in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work with my game and backend service?

Our payment system will work with any game engine. We currently supply an Addon for Construct 3 with an SDK for Godot coming soon. For all other engines, we provide webhook communication.

If you need help with a different game engine or inventory system, please contact us.

Is there a free tier?

With our test mode, there is no cost or credit card required. Once you are ready for live mode, you only pay for what you use. See our pricing for details.

Can I take payments on both my website and game?

Yes, Zalance payments will work both in-game and from your website.

Where can I go for help?

We provide both documentation and tutorials. You can also use our quick start guide to get up and running in minutes.

Get the Free Guide to In-App Purchases. Learn how to use in-app purchases successfully in your game.

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Everything you want from payments and catalog management