Game payments and stores, in a few hours, no code required

Monetize your game on the web, mobile, PC, and console with custom stores and catalog management.

construct 3 store and product dashboard

Game monetizion is hard

product and payment management

Solutions like Google Play are restrictive.

MTime consuming to build and maintain in-game store for game and website.

MDifficult to integrate with your backend game server

MLacks a no-code solution for rapid development

MLimited payment options, especially in other countries.

Traditional payment providers are not built for games

MNo cross-platform support (web, PC, mobile, and console) 

MLacks virtual currencies and bundles

MRequires building API integrations for each provider on each platform

payment gateway for game monetization

How it should be done

in-app payment details

Step 1

Setup your project.

Configure your project right from your dashboard. Create your products, bundles, and setup subscriptions. Then, add prices for real or virtual currencies.

Step 2

Import the addon to your game

Download our Addon for Construct 3. This provides a player login, store, and calls for inventory. All the necessary API calls, payment screens and security are provided out of the box.

Where do you I start with all this?

Take a look at our example project. Also, check out our quick start guide to get you up and running fast.

Can I use this on my website?

We are working on a Javascript package so that you can sell directly from your website.

Construct 3 login
dashboard nft collection

Step 3

Analyze your game by revenue and cohort

Our dashboard provides feedback on sales and revenue. Track active users, cohort retention, payments, and growth over time.

Keep more of your revenue in your pocket

throw payment revenue away

Companies like Apple and Google take up to 30% of your in-app revenue, even for subscriptions. Now, you can offer an alternative subscription payment through your website and keep your hard earned money where it belongs.

Everything you want from payments and catalog management

  • Simple and straightforward pricing
  • Game store templates, APIs, and SDKs
  • Easy-to-use documentation and guides

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